Last updated: 23 March 2023

The Twisted Tales project and the Cinda Real mobile application are founded on the principle of improving the quality of content for children and we are committed to providing children and parents with educational, entertaining and safe services, while educating them on how to overcome stereotypes with technologically advanced storyworlds rooted in empathy and love. 

We know that you care about how your family’s personal information is used and shared, and we take your privacy and security very seriously, which is why we strive to collect only the minimum amount of information necessary to provide our services.


This Privacy Policy describes the manner in which the Institute for Transmedia Design (“Company”, “we”, “us” or “our”) collects, uses and discloses information from users who use the Cinda Real mobile application (the “mobile ppp”).

By downloading, accessing, using and/or interacting with the mobile app, you agree and expressly consent to be bound by this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is not a contract and does not create any legal rights or obligations.

What data does the mobile app obtain and how is it used?

Automatically collected information

The mobile app does not collect and store any personal data about you, nor does it collect your IP address or precise location information about your mobile device. We do detect non-personally identifiable geolocation information to optimize our services, but we certainly do not collect your precise geolocation or associate geolocation information with a specific user.

Data collected while using the mobile app

When you use our mobile app, we may collect the following information with your prior permission in order to provide certain features of our mobile app:

  • real-time images from your device’s rear camera.

We use this information to provide the features of our mobile app. The information will not be uploaded to our servers and/or the service provider’s server, but will simply be stored on your device.

You can enable or disable access to this information at any time in your device settings.


There is no advertising on our mobile app. From time to time, we may promote the mobile app with internet advertising. If you click on such an advertisement on an external website and navigate directly to the Google Play Store or other platform, non-identifying information, such as your phone’s device ID, may be sent to the advertising network so that they and we can monitor the effectiveness (i.e. conversions) of our advertising. In addition to conversion events, it may also be used for frequency capping, estimate the number of unique users, or security and fraud detection. We do not use the data collected in the app to serve targeted advertisements.

Changes to the policy

We may make minor, inconsequential changes to this Policy with or without notice, so we encourage you to review it from time to time.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you may contact us:

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