Teach kids critical life lessons through the Twisted Tales method of participatory teaching.

The Twisted Tales Educational Toolkit is designed as an interactive tool to increase immersion/engagement into the narrative and to provide a deeper understanding of the topic. Through a series of workshops enriched with didactic games kids create illustrations, sound, and animation based on the story heard to become the storytellers in their own right.

Workshop e-tutorial

For use at home or in the classroom educators and parents are able to choose among six stories with each re-imagined story tackling a different topic of stigma: physical Cinda Real, mental Real Punzel, racial The Not So Ugly Duckling, sexual Sleeping Girl our take on Sleeping Beauty, social status Golden Touch and gender identity stigma The Princess and the Real Frog.

This method of teaching was co-created by Sara Božanić, design specialist and Nina Cigüt, a child behavior specialist.

Download the stories

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