Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.

Miljana Dragičević

Transmedia Producer (Croatia)

stands at the intersection of creativity and production of animated kids’ content. She is the producer of an animated TV series, Misho & Robin (30×5’), produced for Croatian Radio and Television (HRT). The series is currently being distributed in China, South Korea, and in the Spanish-speaking areas of North America.

Bruno Paino Zavala

Transmedia Producer (Peru)

Peruvian economist specialised in the production and financing of new media projects that influence social change. He enjoys being in the field, sharing and learning from local people, farmers, and indigenous communities. He believes in the future of rural development, opposite to centralized policies and prosperity.

Rosemarie Lerner Rizo Patron

Transmedia Producer (Peru)

Peruvian filmmaker based in Lima, a co-founder, and director of Lúcida Media, a production house dedicated to socially responsible films and new media projects. She is particularly interested in the potential of co-creation and new media technologies to tell stories with social and political impact. Rosemarie holds MA degrees in Screen Documentary and Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship from the Goldsmiths University of London. She is a producer and a co-director of the Quipu Project, an interactive documentary that allows people affected by forced sterilizations in Peru, to share their stories with the world through a combination of low and hi-tech media.

Anaid Mekić

Animation Artist (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

is a 2D and 3D character animator with over 9 years experience in animation. He is an illustrator and traditional printmaker. He loves to direct and storyboard socially responsible films.

Chloé Roux

Animation Artist (France)

2D traditional animator and illustrator. After graduating from St Etienne’s Fine Arts school in communication, she worked on many feature films, like Fear(s) of the dark, The rabbi’s cat, Zarafa, Longway north, Chris the Swiss, The extraordinary voyage of Marona, and shorts, like the award-winning Veljko Popovic’s “Cyclists”. When she’s not animating, she sketches urban landscapes and musicians.

Monica Wahi

Children’s Film Specialist (India)

is a children’s film specialist and founder of Southasian Children’s Cinema Forum. Previously she was the Creative Head of Children’s Film Society India’, ‘Lennep Media & ‘Going to School’. She has programmed films for International Children’s Film Festival India; Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival, Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival, and Tata Sky Kids Cinema. She has served on many prestigious juries including the International Emmy Awards 2018.

Petra Bertalanič

Transmedia Producer (Slovenia)

is a linguist. Since 2014, she has played the role of transmedia producer at the Institute for Transmedia Design, communicating across mediums and cultures, and thus building bridges between them. As transmedia producer, she was involved in various international projects including managing, planning, and development, as well as production and maintenance of story continuity across multiple platforms. Petra likes prototyping and creating stories that weave traditional ways of delivering narrative experiences with the latest in technology.

Tjaša Šimonka

Song Composer / Choir Leader (Slovenia)

is a young musician and music professor in primary schools. Besides her daily job with kids, she performs with several music groups, and is the conductor of the Vocal Group BeleTinke, as well as singer for the Ethnotrip group. With Etnotrip, she has released three albums and regularly tours across Europe. Tjaša won the Perlach Award, given by the University of Maribor, for her thesis on ethnomusicology. Music is her lifetime companion.

Gašper Rus

Storyboard Artist (Slovenia)

cartoonist, illustrator, and storyboard artist, closely associated with Stripurger, the distinguished Slovenian alternative comics magazine. His work can also be found in the seminal comics anthology Slovenian Classics in Comics. His graphic novel Gugalnica (The Swing), written by Žiga Valetič, brings in front an illustrated story about children suffering emotional damage due to the suicide of a parent. He is a regular magazine comic contributor.

Ivan Stojković

Animation Artist (Serbia)

senior 2D animation artist and illustrator with five-plus years of experience in various types of animation. He has a special interest in short animated films and forms, and has worked on various shorts at home and abroad. His latest 5’ short was funded by the Serbian Film Center. Ivan has a special eye for details and is a passionate drummer.

Marica Kicušić

Animation Artist (Serbia)

is a concept artist and illustrator. Marica is an expert in 2D animation, character design, illustration, and storyboarding. She has participated in more than 80 international art and animation exhibitions in Serbia, Hungary, France, Macedonia, Brussels, Mexico, China, Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Portugal, and has won several awards for animation, printmaking, illustration, and drawing. She has been a member of ULUPUDS, the Association of Applied Artists and Designers of Serbia, since 2010.

Nina Cigüt

Defectologist (Slovenia)

is a special teacher dealing with children with special needs in elementary school and kindergarten. Together with children, she is working on recognition of their strongest talents and interests. She devises strategies that, despite children’s obstacles, deficits, or disorders, enable them to achieve optimal results. Great emphasis is given to the development of the internal motivation of an individual. Nina is the author of the Twisted Tales methodology of participatory teaching, a tool teaching social values and skills in school, kindergarten, or at home.

Timon Leder

Lead Animator (Slovenia)

works in animation and pedagogy. He upgraded his academic knowledge in an animation direction school in France (La Poudriere). His student animated short Work (with Urban Breznik) circled the world in more than 30 festivals, whilst his debut short film Weasel is circling the world now. During his studies, he created nine (9) animated shorts (two professional) and animated many others. He also wrote a degree on children’s comprehension of film language and cooperated on the creation of the first manual on animation for schools and kindergartens.

Sara Božanić (Slovenia)

Director / Producer

is a CEO of the Institute for Transmedia Design, based in Slovenia. She is a ‘hybrid’ – a designer, strategist, educator and thinker. In 2015 she has been chosen among 40 EU consultants who work on audience development via digital means to take part in policy debates under the project The Voice of Culture – a Structured Dialogue between the European Commission and the cultural sector. In 2011, she received a Young Creative Entrepreneur Media Award by the British Council for her achievements in the development of the interactive media design sector in Slovenia.

Dalibor Kazija

Art Director (Slovenia)

designer and illustrator with experience in different fields and media, Dalibor’s areas of exploration include visual communication design, illustration and animation. He has created numerous short animated films, and has, as an illustrator, participated at a number of exhibitions, demonstrating his creative ingenuity and his passion for design. In 2016 he designed the Webdoc for the film Ukrainian Sheriffs, awarded with IDFA Winner Special Jury Award for Best Feature-Length Documentary, that was selected and presented to the public on international design exhibition ZGRAF12 in Zagreb, Croatia in January, 2017.

kleemar, Matej Končan

Composer / Sound Designer (Slovenia)

is an electronic composer and musician oriented towards organic and analogue electronic sounds. His music, commonly described as IDM or intelligent dance music, profoundly reaches beyond firm genre categorization and varies between melodic post-rock and electronic dance sound expressions. In 2010, awarded as best MTV Adria act for composing and playing with Croatian band Lolobrigida.

Production Companies

Where words fail, music speaks.

Lucida Media (Peru)

is a Peruvian company dedicated to the production of socially responsible films and new media projects. In our work, we use interdisciplinary and collaborative methods that allow us to address sensitive topics with diversity and tolerance. We love to experiment with new forms of storytelling that interweave traditional and new media communication.

Zelović Film (The Netherlands)

we bring together dream and perfection, truthfulness and urge, the personal and the universal. We specialize in personal films, and are always looking for strong, truthful, filmic, and – whenever possible – innovative and humoristic stories. The smaller the story, the wider the world it can reach!

Institute for Transmedia
Design (Slovenia)

is a smart institution focused on story and technology driven innovation. A pioneer in transmedia design methodology and practice (research, development and production), ITD has been actively involved in co-creating international projects with partners such as the British Council, Edinburgh Napier University, the Arts Academy, Split University, MEDIA Desk Slovenia. Its work has been selected for major industry events in the region: Cross Video Days, Biennale of Design, Ljubljana, Cartoon Forum, IDFA Forum, East Doc Platform. In 2015 it was awarded special recognition for its transmedia design project Stigmarella – The Story about a Girl and a Shoe (BIO50, Biennale of Design, Ljubljana). In 2016 ITD produced the transmedia for the film Ukrainian Sheriffs, awarded with the IDFA Winner Special Jury Award for Best Feature-Length Documentary. In 2017 ITD’S transmedia project Twisted Tales received MEDIA support as the first ever animated project from Slovenia.

Sparkle Animation

is a Lisbon and London based studio dedicated to producing animation projects, providing original and meaningful content with an excellence in design and creativity. Sparkle Animation is a part of Sparkle Network, an international collective of award-winning creative industries.

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