Teach kids crucial life lessons with the Twisted Tales creative learning method. 

The Twisted Tales Educational Toolkit is designed as an interactive tool to increase immersion/engagement into the narrative and provide a deeper understanding of a specific topic. Through a series of workshops enriched with didactic games, children can create illustrations, sounds, and animation based on the story they hear, becoming storytellers themselves.

Workshop e-tutorial

FOR USE AT HOME OR IN THE CLASSROOM: teachers, parents, and other family and community members can choose among four stories, each tackling a different type of stigma.

Stigma related to physical disability is addressed in Cinda Real; stigma associated with sexual assault in Little Red’s Second Encounter With the Wolf; traditional gender norms and expectations are explored in Alen and the Magic Lamp; and stigma associated with death is tackled in Hansel and Gretel.

This teaching method was co-created by Sara Božanić, design specialist, and Nina Cigüt, child behavior specialist, and won the Sozial Marie Social Innovation Award.

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