Fairy tales with a contemporary twist for children of the present.

Twisted Tales rewrites classic fairy tales, offering lessons about love, empathy, and understanding for a world devoid of bias and stigma.

We believe that retelling well-known fairy tales provides an important familiarity to the child watching/interacting with them, something that helps them navigate the world and more effectively highlights new and unexpected narrative developments.

Cinda Real

6+ | Physical disability | written by Dora Vagić and Sara Božanić

Cinda is a young girl who is ridiculed for having only one leg. All she wants to do is to dance, and her wish eventually comes true …

Listen to the tale: English / Spanish / Slovene / Serbian / Croatian

Little Red’s Second Encounter With the Wolf

8+ | Sexual abuse | written by Marko Pejović

Bianca, also known as Little Red Riding Hood, encountered the wolf after many years, which awakened long-buried memories. But one red wool will help her prevent the wolf from causing further trouble.

→ Listen to the tale: English / Slovene / Serbian / Croatian

Alen and The Magic Lamp

8+ | Gender norms, toxic masculinity | written by Miroslav Minić

The story of a boy who didn’t want to be a footballer, but rather a fashion designer. On his path to happiness, he will find a friend and a willingness to be who he is instead of what others want him to be.

→ Listen to the tale: English / Montenegrin / Slovene / Serbian

New Hansel and Gretel

9+ | Death and grief | written by Boris Bakal and Pavle Perković

After losing their mother, Hansel and Gretel find it very difficult to deal with their grief and to adjust to a new life with their father and his new wife. Each with their own way of coping, they find themselves in a rigorous boarding school., where they eventually learn to trust and love again.

→ Listen to the tale: English / Croatian

Desiree and the Snow Queen

6+ | Down syndrome | written by Marko Pejović

Desiree, a girl with Down’s syndrome, listens to the fairy tale about the Snow Queen and thus finds the strength to fight for her friendship with a boy named Kosta.

→ Listen to the tale: Serbian

The Princess and her Frog Friend

6+ | Gender | written by Dora Vagić and Sara Božanić

A princess meets a frog and immediately agrees to be his friend. The frog never turns into a prince and despite other people’s disapproval, their friendship is stronger than any prejudice.

→ Coming soon …

Real Ralph

6+ | Asperger’s syndrome | written by Dora Vagić and Sara Božanić

Ralph is a very smart boy with Asperger’s syndrome. He is home-schooled by a caring but very protective mother, so he is always alone and has no friends. Until one day a little girl climbs over the fence into his backyard …

→ Coming soon …

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